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Golf and Hearing


If you golf occasionally or are an avid golfer you may have heard about the connection between your game and your hearing. Golf can expose people to consistent loud sounds, like the exact sound of that whack when you’ve swung, made contact and know it’s going to be a good one. That “whack”, the sweet sound of the club making contact with the ball can, believe it or not, erode your hearing over time.

Anytime you’re exposed to loud sounds consistently over the course of time your hearing can be affected. Yes, even from your golf game, and especially if you have played for years, or even decades. You don’t have to be old or have played for a long time for the sounds of golf to affect your hearing. It can happen at any age or stage. So, what can you do?

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First, take precautions.

Now you know better, you can do better. Invest in some inexpensive foam earplugs and use them consistently when you play. If you want to be vigilant you can purchase over the head ear protection which provides even more hearing protection.

Second, establish a baseline.

If you have been playing for years maybe your hearing has been affected and maybe it has not. The easiest way to know is to get your hearing checked. Maybe you aren’t experiencing any hearing loss now, at least you know, and have established where your hearing is. In the future if you do experience any issues you already have the relationship with your specialist and have established


if you are experiencing any hearing loss you think maybe associated with your golf game seek the advice and care of your local hearing specialist. They are experts in these very issues and will help you navigate your hearing loss, your options, and who knows they may even have a few stories to share about golf.

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