Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

Now that you’ve been fitted for your new hearing aid, it’s time to start hearing all the sounds you’ve been missing. You may worry that there are a lot of different accessories available, and some might even be necessary. But don’t worry, while there is a little maintenance involved in caring for your hearing aids, it’s neither complicated nor expensive. 


Custom Ear Molds and Plugs

We provide custom molds for iPods and Sleep Plugs, as well as custom hearing protection. We also have Musician’s Monitors, and Musician Plugs ER-9, 15, and 25.


Our hearing aid specialists will show you what you need—and what you don’t—to get the most out of your hearing aid.

Early treatment is the most effective treatment. Talk to the experts. Call or text us.

Hearing aid batteries come with number and color codes to make it easier to find the right kind. The sizes and colors are are: 675 (Blue Package), 13 (Orange Package), 312 (Brown Package) and 10 (Yellow Package).

Leave that to us! As the experts, we will make sure you’re fully aware of the correct size, show you how to insert and remove them, and you can always keep the package for reference. 

The normal life of a hearing aid battery is around 5-7 days. Now, that can vary based on the model of hearing aid, the size of the battery, and a few other factors. Generally speaking, the more use your hearing aid gets, the more power it will use.

The simple solution to this worry is just to keep about a month’s supply on hand. That’s around 8 to 10 packs, and then once you’re down to about 3 or 4 packs, just order more.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: DON’T KEEP THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR! The condensation and moisture can ruin them easily, so they should stay at room temperature.

Realistically, the ideal place for your batteries to live is the same place that you keep your hearing aids at night. Whether it’s your bedside table drawer, or a special area you’ve picked out, it’s good to keep them all together. It’s also a good idea to keep some extra batteries with you in your hearing aid carrying case.


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