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Whether it’s enjoying your favorite hobbies and pastimes, or just spending time connecting with your loved ones; our passion is helping you hear your best for those special times.

We’re not happy until YOU are happy. So to that end, we’ll do everything possible to make sure you understand what type of hearing loss you have, and what solutions are available. Making an informed decision on treating your hearing loss is extremely important. 

Not only are we exceptionally well-trained and certified; we also live here, just like you. This has allowed us to create working relationships with the best ENT doctors in the area.

Finding the best solutions for your hearing loss requires a comprehensive hearing evaluation that is as precise as possible. Luckily, our hearing specialists are licensed, skilled, and exceptionally experienced.

Hearing aids, no matter the cost, MUST be suitable for your individual hearing loss. We use the latest and best fitting equipment and procedures to ensure that your hearing devices will be exactly the right fit for you. 

We make sure to stay ahead of the curve by offering multiple varieties of hearing devices from multiple manufacturers.

Staying on top of your hearing loss is a process that continues well after you get your hearing aids. And we will be there every step of the way, with regular office visits to make sure you are happy and your hearing aids are functioning the best they can!

From custom ear molds and plugs, to batteries and cleaning kits…we make sure to carry any accessories you might want or need. 

Even though we’ll show you some care and cleaning tips when you’re fit with your hearing aids, you are ALWAYS welcome to visit us anytime for a free deep clean!

Most repairs and service can be done in our office, usually with a very fast turnaround. But, if your devices DO need to be sent back to the factory for repair, we can help you with that too!


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