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Ear Cleaning with OtoSet

Comfortable, Professional Ear Cleaning

with OtoSet©

Nick Garcia uses our new OtoSet device to clean a patient's ears quickly and painlessly.
Nick Garcia removes the disosable refuse container from the Otoset device after an ear cleaning
Having your ears cleaned with the Otoset device is painless and available in Marshall Texas, as this patient demonstrates.
Nick Garcia at Puretone Hearing Aid Center in Marshall, TX prepares to clean a patient's ears with the Otoset device.

Safe Cerumen Removal

Ear wax has caused problems with hearing and hearing aid performance for years. Now, with this incredible new device, we are able to clear even impacted cerumen from most ear canals in a matter of minutes using a gentle stream of warm water and a precise amount of suction. 

Cleaning ears has never been safer or easier!

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Learn about our experiences as one of the first practices in the United States to utilize the revolutionary new OtoSet Ear Cleaning Device!