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Hearing Aid Services

Our passion is helping people clearly and effortlessly rediscover hearing. When you’re able to reconnect with loved ones, friends, and even the world around you….THAT is when we’re satisfied. Hearing loss is different for everyone, so you will have your own individual concerns and preferences. But you can always trust that we’ll show the utmost patience and care to understand, address, and work toward YOUR needs.

Our comprehensive hearing evaluation will let us know if you have a hearing loss, what type and severity, and if you have it in only one ear or both. Often we can also help determine the likely causes. 

If your problem is actually hearing loss and not just a wax buildup, we can then help you determine which hearing devices would work best for you. Remember, hearing loss is different for each individual, so there is no one device that suits everyone.

Do you feel like you're not hearing as well as you would like with your current hearing devices?

Hearing loss is a progressive, degenerative condition, and your hearing aids may need adjustment to properly address that. Just call or message us to set up an appointment to have them looked at.

In order to work to the best of their ability, hearing aids need to be properly fit and programmed to YOUR individual hearing loss

Using a combination of the latest technology and training, our team will ensure a proper fit to your ear, and the correct adjustments to help you hear your best in ALL situations. This includes explaining the features, and instructing you on basic hearing aid care. 

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a very common condition in which you hear noise in your ears that is not present in the surrounding environment. It could be a buzzing, ringing, or rushing sound, and sometimes can be so annoying it can even disturb your sleep.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation along with a discussion of your health history can help determine if you’re suffering from this condition, and even help determine how to treat it. 

Ear Wax Management

Sometimes what you may think is hearing loss is actually just a buildup of earwax. Everyone produces earwax naturally, and the amount produced is different for each individual. Sometimes it becomes impacted and presses up against your eardrum, which can impair your hearing and cause issues. Fortunately, we are able to remove impacted wax safely, something you should NEVER attempt on your own.


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